PTC Color Library

The PTC color library is a large resource of existing ‘color standard’ swatches that are dyed on cotton using technically sound methods of dyeing for the best repeatability and performance. Our clients like using our colors for standards because of the quality dyes we have chosen to use. What does that mean to you?

  • You can be sure that PTC color standards are colors that will work well in production environments.
  • Our ‘color standards’ are produced to provide the best color fastness properties.
  • Your vendors can order and pay for their ‘color standard’ swatches directly from our website using an easy, user friendly interface. This can reduce your costs significantly.
  • We carry a number of each PTC color library swatches in inventory.
  • When we need to re-dye a standard, it is measured back to our digital master standard within 0.5 DE CMC 2:1.
  • Currently, our color library is 3900 colors and growing weekly. You will notice each time you do a search that the number of colors is growing.
  • Recipes and spectral data are available for a minimum number of swatches sold or for a specified fee. Please inquire at





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